Road Crews Sealing Cracks to Prevent Potholes

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CARBONDALE, Pa. -- Watch for PennDOT crews in the coming weeks doing maintenance on roads all over northeastern Pennsylvania.

Workers started crack sealing Monday on Business Route 6 in the Carbondale area.

Officials tell us this helps prolong roads and avoid potholes which form when water gets in cracks and expands.

Work is expected to continue for the next month in this part of Lackawanna County.


  • Leah Marie

    why do we accept this? we should all send a bill for our car maintenance to our local borough. instead of protesting on the streets for nonsense like BLM and the me too movement we should be protesting for our roads to be repaired. our tax dollars are going to welfare recipients who dont do a GD thing all day and the rest of us work hard for our money, spend countless hours away from our families only to hit a pot hole that does $1,000 in front end damage. This is absurd and ridiculous anymore. Same old song and dance.

    • savescrantonhistory

      Same here. I hit one on Stafford Avenue coming back out to Davis Street from the post office earlier. The one stretch right by the closed gas station there needs a serious repaving since there’s so many of them there. I thought the wheel that hit the hole was going to come flying off from the hit.

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