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Questions After Bicyclist Hit by Car

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There are still many questions about a crash on the old Carey Avenue Bridge in Hanover Township late Saturday night.

"Shortly after 10 p.m., I heard, noticed lights flashing in my window, open the door, I saw firetruck, ambulance, police cars," recalled Diane Metcalf.

Police say a boy from Wilkes-Barre was riding his bike on the bridge when he was hit by a car.

Another car was also involved in the crash.

The drivers are OK, but the boy was flown to the hospital.

"It's a heavy traffic bridge. I do know at times, I really feel it is posted. I do feel people go too fast on it," Metcalf said.

We still do not know many details about the crash, but people we spoke with say this bridge is busy day and night.

"With this road here, there are so many cars that speed through here and reckless driving and motorcycles. Nobody pays attention to the speed limit," Joe Skordensky said.

Police say they do not know how the boy is doing after the crash. No charges have been filed, but they continue to investigate.

Neighbors also wonder what happened. Many of them noted that there is a sidewalk on one side of the bridge.

"It would've been such a safer event if he was on the other side of the bridge on the sidewalk, but that didn't happen, and I wish them the best. It's a terrible thing, Eastertime especially," Metcalf added.

If you know anything about this crash, you're asked to contact police in Hanover Township.


  • jsrant

    Many bicyclists do not obey the laws of the road. I have witnessed packs of bicyclists riding in the road. Not single file or two side by side. They block the road but “share the road ” they say. A red traffic light means stop but not to a bicyclist. They slow down but then proceed , right turn, they go right through. Not too mention no signal. No one should be injured but people on bikes, pedal or motor should remember they don’t have protection around them like a car does. Leave your stupidity at home, we all will be much safer.

  • fortisveritas

    Sidewalks (PennDOT dot gov)

    Pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks and bicycle paths. You must give an audible signal as you approach and pass a pedestrian.

    Automobiles are not required to yield to bicycles being ridden across a crosswalk (at a trail crossing for example) as the bicycle is treated as a vehicle. A better choice is to dismount and walk your bike across.

    You are not permitted to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in a business district (except where permitted by official traffic control devices) or where there is a bicycle-only lane available.

  • Matt Berns

    Isn’t it illegal to ride a bicycle without lights after dusk? Did the child have a helmet on if he was 12 or under? Hope he wasn’t riding with road traffic. There’s a pedestrian sidewalk on that bridge.

    • albertcohol

      The Story has no mention of proper lighting or reflectors on the bike.
      As for riding the bike on the sidewalk, it’s illegal.
      Cyclists are to ride in the road and not against the flow of traffic, and they must obey the same traffic laws of a motor vehicle, I know cyclist that got a speeding ticket.
      ( Easy do do on a
      good hill )

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