Celebrating Earth Day In Lackawanna State Park

LACKAWANNA STATE PARK, Pa. -- People were boating, hiking, fishing and camping on Earth Day at Lackawanna State Park.

"Just seeing the trees change and all sorts of animals, you see here, even seen a bear," said Mike Murphy of Clarks Green, who walks in the park daily.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 as an annual day to focus on environmental protection and support.

It now includes events in more than 190 countries.

"It's nice and peaceful and you're in the woods and it's just so serene and takes me away from the job and you know, home responsibilities, it's just very relaxing," said Dorothy Willmott of Coatesville, who was camping in the park.

"Just being outside and taking care of our planet. I've seen a big difference since the time I've grown up just what earth day has done and making people aware that they need to take care of things," said Connie Browell of Geigertown, who hiked and camped in the park.

"I think Earth Day to me is every day that I can get out into the woods," laughed Willmott.

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