Sloths, Snakes, Tarantulas and More on Display in the Electric City

SCRANTON, Pa. -- An event brought the furry, feathery, scaley and slimy all together in one place.

A natural history exhibition was held this weekend at the Hilton in Scranton.

The Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education joined forces with Little Ray's Nature Centers and ZooAmerica to bring animals and reptiles to the area.

People of all ages enjoyed the educational event with included a sloth, snakes, tarantulas and much more.

Those who attended the event felt at one with some of the animals.

"It had to be the sloth. I've always wanted to see one, so that was really cool. It's slow and that's my lifestyle. I'm slow and mellow so I can relate completely," said Leah Bordow of Kingston.

The live animal exhibits are hoping to become an annual event in Scranton.

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  • Mark Thepoll

    You can see sloths in action every weekday, except holidays. They can be found in every government building in the country. Except the ones housing the IRS. They move fast if you owe money.

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