Reaction from Local Churchgoers to Bombings in Sri Lanka

HAZLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- People raised their hands in the air, swayed back and forth and listened intently to a set of songs during the fourth and final Easter service for the weekend here at LCBC church near Hazleton-- short for Lives Changed By Christ.

The church, not just celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but significant growth in its second year here in Hazle Township. Some attendees were moved by the gathering.

"The resurrection is everything," Pastor Brad Travelpiece said. "You can take anything else away, but the resurrection is the point. The fact that Jesus came and bled and died for us. Through him, we can have new life and new life for today. That's everything that we're built around."

"Just some people I know who are struggling and I wish they were here to hear the message," Laura Veillette of Drums said.

While the mood was light and smiles were plentiful at the church that used to be a diner before transitioning to a house of worship, elsewhere in the world, there was horror.

Word spread here in our area that more than 200 people were killed during a series of bomb attacks at churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.

"It's really sad to see that there's so much anger and frustration and persecution on any front," Travelpiece said. "Any religious persecution just isn't ok. It's always tragic to see, especially as people come to celebrate such a big holiday like this, to see that type of stuff happen. It's hard to watch."

On one of the most sacred days of the year for Christians all across the globe, churchgoers here hope a tragedy like this never happens close to home.

"There's evil people in the world," Jim Flaim of Delano Township said. "Whether or not they target religions or any group, the hate is not good. I think bringing people together in Christ helps combat that."


  • Rambling Rose

    … bombs and bullets will bring more bombs and more bullets and the cycle will continue until and unless one entity can be completely wiped out.
    How do you separate the chaff from the wheat or do you bomb indiscriminately ?
    In this instance, the leader of the Muslim Congress – an umbrella organisation for all Muslims in the country – had warned our security forces by signed letter that there were dissident youth from a breakaway group that was planning to attack Christians.US and local intelligence too had corroborated the impending attack but due to the gross negligence and political infighting- the information which was directed to the Ministry of Defence which falls under the President had not been shared with the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The PM had been excluded from all Security Council meetings since October last year when the President ‘fired’ him but had to reinstate him because the act was unconstitutional.
    I hold no political brief for anyone but in my opinion President and security forces that failed to respond are the real dirtballs – filling their pockets and not performing their duties.
    The majority of these ‘dirtballs’ who committed the massacre are misguided youth brainwashed by satanic forces. A video cam showed one of them tousling a little girls head just seconds before he entered the church – zombie like.
    I agree that the Satanic forces brainwashing youth definitely need to be confronted ….
    Best to you and thank you for your concern for our people.

  • Rambling Rose

    We were stunned as the news broke, shocked that the spectre of war and hatred had raised it’s head again – though the people of our land rarely targeted places of worship. I posted about our initial reactions. Security forces are moving fast and have apprehended some. It’s too early to say but indications are another spectre of hatred has infiltrated from outside.
    How do we combat evil ….. except through prayer and love …

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