Drivers Get on the Road Early to Beat the Storm

RICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Easter weekend is a busy weekend on the roads, and with heavy rain on Friday, many drivers wanted to get as early a start as possible to beat the storm.

Many drivers we spoke with say they didn't want to drive in tough conditions, so they left early, especially people who were traveling out of state.

Terry Meszler of Forest City and his dog Sadie took a break from driving at a rest stop on Interstate 81 near Nuangola.

"Going to Virginia to the daughter's for Easter. It's a yearly event," Meszler said.

Like many others, Meszler is using Good Friday as a travel day.

"Any Friday, they're usually busy with all the trucks and stuff for whatever reason. Seems like today is even more," he said.

"Roads were fine, a little bit of congestion mostly with vehicles that are stopped, but other than that, it's been fine," said Alycia Lackey of New York.

"Actually, we wanted to leave earlier than we did, but we're retired and we don't move too fast," Meszler added.

Some people we spoke with knew about the rain in the forecast but weren't too concerned about it.

"Yeah, we were just going to drive through it if we had it," said Lackey.

Others didn't even know about the weather.

Erin Arendt and her son Declan are traveling to Bloomsburg from New York State.

"We're going to get there just as quick and safe as we can," Erin Arendt said.

Whether they were coming or going, everyone we spoke with told us they were looking forward to spending the holiday weekend with family.

Meszler, however, is also looking forward to something else.

"We're going to be down where it's warm. I hope you don't get snow up here."

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