Community Still Recovering from Recent Tornado Damage Now Fearing Heavy Rains

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BENTON, Pa. --  Rain poured down in Benton as people here are trying to get back on their feet after an EF-2 twister tore through town flipping one trailer and ripping apart another.

Newswatch 16 saw half a dozen homes covered in tarp in one neighborhood alone and now, more rain.

This is enough. He's testing us. We're good. We're good," said Marge Edwards of Benton.

Luke Verbyla patched up part of his roof that was damaged in the twister and he hopes water from the recent rain doesn't create more problems.

"I'm so confused after this storm, my head is still spinning. I'm still running a sleep deficit over this," said Verbyla.

And it wasn't just the roof of Luke's home that was damaged in this storm, the tornado also leveled an entire barn on his property and took away the roofs of two silos.

"It's day to day. What we get done, we get done. What we don't get done, we don't get done but we still are receiving lots of good help," said Verbyla.

Aaron Wandell is a contractor and lost part of his roof from the twister.

"I had water inside but I've taken the ceilings out and insulation concerned. So I'm a little concerned because it's just a tarp between us and the outside," said Aaron Wandell.

While Aaron worries about water coming through his damaged roof, others worry that this rain will cause flooding too.

"I hope we don't get flooded. That's all I care about. I hope we do not get flooded because we could not take another flood," said Verbyla.

According to our Stormtracker 16 team, Benton is expected to get up to an inch and a half of rain when this storm ends around mid-morning Saturday.

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