Busy Easter Preparations After a Storm

KELLY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When it comes to preparing Easter dinner, employees at Country Cupboard know exactly what they are doing. Country Cupboard is one of the only places in the Lewisburg area to open on Easter. It's one of the restaurant's busiest weekends of the year.

"We'll serve around 7,000 people this weekend. Sunday will be around 3,600 in total," said owner Chris Baylor.

Employees started preparing food earlier this week. One thousand pounds each of ham and prime rib and 650 pounds of turkey.

"Well, it takes a lot of people. We're very organized. We're lucky. We've been in existence for a long time, so there's some history to work off of for what to expect for the number of people and what to order accordingly," Baylor explained.

One of the busiest parts of Country Cupboard's Easter business is the bakery.

"We usually make about 500 cakes this weekend and usually about 500-600 pies this weekend," said bakery manager Melissa Gro.

Employees have to work extra hard this year because of this week's tornado. The Country Cupboard was closed on Monday.

"Tuesday we were recovering from that storm. We were already behind, so we've been catching up all week," said Baylor.

It's rare for the Country Cupboard to close for a day, but the restaurant lost power for 12 hours on Monday.

"We lost products that we had from our fridge, so then we have to start all fresh. We cleared everything out and started all over again," said Gro.

Even so, employees are ready for the Easter rush.

"We are trucking along. A lot of good teamwork helps with that," said Gro.

The Country Cupboard seats nearly 800 people at one time.

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