Bakery Bustles During Busiest Easter Season

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Good Friday is also one of the busiest days for picking up sweet treats for Easter, and at Lynn Sandy's Bakery in Scranton, it is hopping.

The ovens are fired up and the ladies are working overtime, coming in at 2 a.m. and working well into the afternoon.

These are their busiest days of the year, as they bake, decorate and package thousands of Easter treats.

"Everyone works really well together, everybody is a team, we come in really early and everyone stays in a good mood, just helping each other," said Alisha Summa of Lynn Sandy's Bakery.

From now until Easter, they are prepping 400 cake orders, a hundred cookie boxes, and at least a thousand cupcakes a day.

"I mean how could this not be fun? You know? And there's so many different orders and there's a lot of different variations, little ones, and big ones and lots of different flavors," laughed Rose McDermott.

This holiday season gets busier and busier at Lynn Sandy's Bakery, the number of orders has more has doubled compared to Easter last year.

"We take the phones off the hook, we did that on Thursday, but when people come in we still have stuff out front to sell," said owner Lynn Sandy.

"It's controlled chaos, it's very busy, the girls work well together, we get a lot done in a little bit of time."


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