Still No School in Millville Thanks to Storm Damage

MILLVILLE, Pa. -- Students in the Millville School District aren't back at school yet because the elementary school is without a roof and the high school is still without power after wild weather on early Monday.

The sun came out in Millville one day after a strong line of storms moved through. But a blue sky in the background does not change the scene in the foreground. Parts of the roof of Millville Elementary now sit crumbled up on the ground.

"We are very thankful that it happened at 1 o'clock in the morning and not 1 o'clock in the afternoon. We're just grateful that no one was here," said Millville Area Superintendent Cindy Jenkins.

School officials say no classrooms were damaged. The part of the roof that was ripped off was above the offices and the cafeteria and that allowed water to get inside.

"Water on the floor, water in the ceiling tiles, we've lost a couple of computers."

When students return, they will have to use a different entrance, and they'll eat lunch someplace other than the cafeteria.

"Very disheartening, of course, because we want to be in school," said Millville Elementary Principal Ed Sanders.

Students in the entire school district were off for the second day in a row because the high school is still without power.

"They like being off, but they don't want to lose their summer either, but we will have to make these days up I'm sure," said parent Gina Savage.

Jess Rider and her kids were working hard on their day off. The park right next to the schools was also hit by the storm.

"We're going around picking up lots of sticks and there's garbage laying around that we have to pick up and everything, so hopefully, we can play tonight," said Rider.

District officials say the entire community has stepped up to help with cleaning up the elementary school.

"Keep having to turn people away because we have so much help and so many offers of help."

"It's home to them so they want to make sure the home is safe and that whatever they can do to help us get the kids back in school."

District officials said the schools will be closed again on Wednesday. There will be a makeup day on Monday, April 22.

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