Assessing Storm Damage in Lackawanna County

DUNMORE, Pa. -- There was no tornado warning in Dunmore late Sunday night, but there was a severe thunderstorm warning, and people who live in this part of Lackawanna County say those whipping winds woke them up.

The National Weather Service plans to make a stop in Dunmore, where the overnight storm caused quite a bit of damage, damage that wasn't clearly understood until daylight.

"It's worse than it looked last night at 3 in the morning. I can't believe this," said Bill Giello.

On this block of 5th Street and Butler Street in Dunmore, the roof to a hair salon is no longer attached to its building. Trees are on houses and a chimney sits in the middle of a backyard.

Jerry Longo owns both of these buildings and has tenants that are now displaced.

"Clearing everything out and looking for a place to stay, we're trying to help them out," Longo said.

Car windows are shattered in this section of Dunmore, and so are glass doors to homes, making it hard to sleep through the storm.

"My daughter woke me up, screaming, 'Dad!' I went upstairs, and the water was just pouring into my kitchen the whole window was gone," Giello recalled.

After the storm has passed, the winds picked up, and Dunmore officials were concerned the threat wasn't over just yet.

"Luckily no one was injured, and right now we're just following the path of the storm and checking out the damage and trying to get people in danger out of their homes," said Dunmore Mayor Tim Burke.

The American Red Cross is offering help to anyone displaced. The mayor called in all Dunmore first responders.

"The borough is on top of this and just asking people to be safe and asking people with any wind damage to report it and we'll be right there to check it out," said the mayor.

Other parts of Lackawanna County were also damaged. Nay Aug Park is closed right now because of downed wires and Scranton's Hill section was also damaged.

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