Tax Deadline Looming, Accountants Busy

SCRANTON, Pa. --  Chances are you have seen the signs counting down the days until tax day. Some we spoke with say they filed months ago.

"I filed them in February. Because I own a home, so you get a credit, and so I do it early," said Maureen McGuigan of Scranton.

"I just like to get it done, I mean a lot of things come your way this during this time of year, you're very busy and you want to get this stuff done as soon as possible," said Cary Zuckero.

But not everyone files their taxes early. For accountants like Glynn Murphy in Scranton, the last few days have been busy.

"I will see 784 people in 69 days. I see 12 people a day, every single day," said Murphy.

While many are feeling the pressure to get their filings in, Murphy has been feeling the pressure for the last two months.

"We do about 12 and a half hours a day, every day from 8:30 till 9:00 at night. We're here on the weekends, we're here Saturdays and Sundays and holidays," said Murphy.

This year a new tax code went into effect that changed paycheck withholdings. Murphy says some clients were upset that their refunds were lower for the 2018 calendar year.

"Everyone's tax return is different. And whether you're getting a refund or not depends really on how much you paid in during the year, and paying in too much is never a good idea. And paying too little is never a good idea either," Murphy said.

With one day left to file, Murphy says it's important to pay what you owe as soon as possible.

"If you're getting money back, April 15th is really not a deadline for you. But if you owe money, you must pay them, or file your return on April 15th. Otherwise, you will be subject to late filing penalties and late pay penalties," said Murphy.

And if you haven't filed your taxes - there is some hope left.

"You can file an extension, it's form 48-68, you can find it online, and whatever you think you owe them, you should mail it to them by the due date of the tax returns."

Filing an extension for your taxes could give you until October 15th to file.

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  • junebug445

    12 people A DAY?! How does that guy possibly handle all 12 in one day! I mean it would be much easier if he had only one or two but 12 people!! It’s not like he’s getting paid to do it!!

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