Scranton Firefighter Involved in Suspected DUI Crash

MOOSIC, Pa. -- Investigators believe an off-duty Scranton firefighter was behind the wheel in a crash that sent four people to the hospital earlier this week in Lackawanna County.

Police suspect he was under the influence when it all happened.

The crash involving a Scranton firefighter happened Wednesday on Birney Avenue in Moosic.

According to Moosic police, the four people involved are now out of the hospital.

Video from earlier this week shows the aftermath of a head-on collision involving a GMC Terrain and a Ford Explorer on Birney Avenue.

According to a search warrant, officers found the four people inside the Terrain but not the driver of the Explorer. Paperwork says officers on scene saw a man walking away from the crash.

When officers caught up with the driver, he said he was not sure what happened but identified himself as a Scranton firefighter, coming from a certification class.

He was later identified as Kyle Armbruster and police found a broken bottle of bourbon inside his car.

A witness said he saw Armbruster traveling north on Interstate 81 hitting a barrier then colliding with another vehicle.

After being taken to a hospital, Armbruster changed his story, telling investigators he swerved trying to avoid a deer and hit a wall.

Neither police or city hall would give us any statement regarding whether Armbruster is still on duty, only saying he is a member of the Scranton Fire Department.

Police say the crash is still under investigation.


    • fortisveritas

      The same firefighter or one of his crew might cut your sorry butt out of a wreck or extinguish a fire for you or a loved one someday. People like you should have to wear an ID bracelet or have a code on their caller ID that says ‘I’m a dick towards firefighters, leave me be and let it burn.’

      • fortisveritas

        “Drinking and driving is a serious problem” No kidding? Thanks for clarifying that for me. I wouldn’t know that since I’m on call 24/7 to cut dead bodies and barely lifeless ones from mangled cars and trucks due to drunk drivers. The screams of mothers that just lost their children and the moans of misery of those trapped that we’re trying to save haunt my memories. How about yours? So why don’t you shut the hell up?

    • savescrantonhistory

      Of course they will. He’s union after all. Unions are treated like Gods here even though the public employee ones (especially in the city of Scranton) are putting the city under and causing them to tax homeowners till they lose their houses, all while most of their members either rent or live in KOZ houses so they’re not even paying their fair share back into the system they take, take and TAKE some more from.

  • fortisveritas

    So is this the new status quo for any alleged DUI? Should we expect to see the name and employer of every person suspected of DUI, or just when it involves someone you can smear and cause drama over?

      • fortisveritas

        Every DUI is a serious deal. So when the sanitation worker, retail sales clerk, or fulfillment center worker has one too many – that’s OK? We should just give them a pass and not put their name and occupation in the news? Again – this is a blatant attempt to smear and cause drama.

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