Power To Save: Recycle Coach App

TAYLOR, Pa. -- Recycling rejection has been an issue throughout Lackawanna County. To help sort out the confusion, one community is using a mobile app.

"There's a large issue with recycling in the country right now. It's not just a northeast Pennsylvania thing. It's a countrywide thing," said Taylor DPW director Bill Dixon.

To help combat the recycling issue, people living in Taylor have a new tool at their disposal.

"I saw an opportunity to bring something new into the borough. We worked on it, talked about it with the council members, and after about a month, we decided it was worth giving it a shot," said Dixon.

The Recycle Coach app is new to the area.

"We are the first municipality in Lackawanna County to actually join in and give it a shot."

By downloading the free Recycle Coach app for Android or iOS, you will have your schedule for waste and recycle pickup right at your fingertips.

"We have it set up currently where we have everyone's waste pickup. we also have it set up for cardboard, commingle, yard waste, and the ashes pick up that we do for the residents

Setting it up is Easy. all you need to do is put in your street address and you're done.

"I'm on Loomis Avenue, Taylor borough, finish, it comes up and it gives you the exact scheduling right there," said Dixon.

In addition to the schedule, you can also get alerts through the app.

"'No recyclables in plastic bags, please keep garbage out of your cardboard collection.' We can kind of keep the residents abreast of any changes that need to be made with the pickup."

If you don't have a smartphone to use the app, there's an online version of Recycle Coach that you can use through the Taylor borough website.

"The nicest part about this is you can download a .pdf file that gives you a one, two, six months of a calendar that you can print out and hang on your fridge at home," Dixon said.

All of Lackawanna County is signed up for the Recycle Coach app. Now it's up to every municipality to do the behind-the-scenes work to get its residents up and running.

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