Bernie Sanders Set to Visit Luzerne County

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The 2020 race for the White House is making a stop in Luzerne County next week.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is coming to Mohegan Sun Pocono near Wilkes-Barre on Monday to meet with the PA Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals.

After the meeting, Sanders is headed to Bethlehem for a town hall event that will be telecast live on Fox News Channel.


  • takeback2015

    Reading these comments it seems that PA ranks down in voter knowledge of what democratic socialism really is. I suggest those that think it is socialism ie: Lenin, stalin, Castro, etc.. do a few Google searches on democratic socialism. It is all around us because when the many work to achieve a goal, unilaterally and democratically, they can achieve wonders. Social security, Medicare, VA, unemployment, roads, towns, cities are all examples of what can be achieved when we opt to work together than for the establishment. The media, political establishments, big corps, oil, gas, etc. Has so much to lose when the people reject being slaves to the rich 1%. I wish, not for myself but for our generations to come, that we at least try to be more aware and question everything.

  • maditalian777

    Sanders is an admitted Socialist as well as an admitted millionaire. I guess he only wants capitalism for himself.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Get your pennies ready, grubers!

    Bernie needs to score another nice new vacation home with your donations.

    • Bobby Jackson

      Bernie self proclaimed poorest political parasite I mean congressman and he is 1%er a multimillionaire , what does that tell us? Were being taken for a ride, these criminals live lavish lives stealing from the rest of us.

  • conspiraceez

    I said it before when Robert Francis O’Rourke showed up. THEY have identified OUR AREA as being PIVOTAL in the future ELECTION and PREVIOUS ELECTION. Assets have been and are currently being deployed to local news and radio to create a narrative which will sooth the deplorable into accepting a socialist con artist. They’re counting on youth and local universities to allow for a softened socialist message – make Maoist principles more easy to swallow. We who already know this are not being targeted. THEY TARGET THE YOUTH.

  • lilloric

    i would never follow bernie again. he didn’t speak out after what happened in the last election and even went to endorse hillary. you sold out bernie. oh and nurse in the association really should do some fact checking. the type of healthcare bernie wants is the type that’s going to only earn you 38k a year working full time. but don’t worry once you hit 20 years of experience you can make 50k. google what do nurses in england make and you’ll see

  • Lisa Marshinski

    geez, looking at all the thumbsdowns we have a lot of propaganda believing people in this valley

    • Bobby Jackson

      All by design. 12 years in government indoctrination camps. Some people see the deceptions others blindly support there favorite political parasite showing them political theater. All a dog and pony show.

      • Bobby Jackson

        22 trillion in debt, with unfunded liabilities I believe it is more like 100 trillion. The overlords have created society of debt slaves while the political parasites keep people divided while globalism , agenda 21 and 30 are happening right under our noses. Wait now for all the thumbs down.

  • J (@ds18301)

    Thanks Bernie for all your tireless work for all the working men and women of this country — even though so many continue to vote against their own best interests.

      • J (@ds18301)

        Fair question. I’ll cite some of my favorites, but suggest you might go to a site like “occasionalplanet” or his campaign site for an exhaustive list. Some highlights: One of few senators to vote against Bush’s invasion of Iraq, voted against removing the banking regulations that led to the Bush recession, has worked tirelessly to protect social security and medicare. Any number of bills to not allow bail-outs to criminal banks and not allowing banks to use them to outsource to foreign workers. The list is quite long. He’s not perfect — no one is. But he has been consistent and always has put the interests of working people first. Before you scream “socialist”, ask yourself how 12 BILLION dollars Trump paid to the corporate soybean farmers (who hire illegal aliens by the way) this year to make up for their losses due to his hare-brained tariffs isn’t the worst form of socialism…

      • fortisveritas

        “Go to his campaign site” That’s like asking the guy that sells water treatment systems if your water is bad. “Voted against Iraq invasion” – what did that do for the working man? I’m not screaming socialist, I’m just quietly saying I’m not voting for him if he runs.

      • takeback2015

        People that opt to ask rather than seek on their own are sheep. Don’t be a sheeple. Take some time and do research. Question everything.

      • fortisveritas

        What’s the matter TAKEBACK, don’t like it when people question things and ask others to back up their statements? “I think chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies in the world.” “Why?” “Look it up for yourself.” If you don’t have the knowledge, information, and conviction to answer a question about a statement you make, then YOU are the sheep.

      • David Fisher

        You have no intent to change your beliefs or ideals based upon new information. Your only intent on asking questions is to cause discontent and spread misinformation. It’s an old tactic used when people opt to cherry pick rather than use intellect and knowledge.

      • fortisveritas

        So asking questions from generalizations and broad sweeping statements is now cherry picking and causing discontent? Didn’t know that. Thanks. You have no idea what my beliefs and ideals are, but I appreciate your attempt at it.

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