Talkback 16: Honesdale Cross, Rifle Deer Season

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the ongoing controversy over a cross in Honesdale and the Game Commission's vote to change the first day of rifle deer season in Pennsylvania.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    To whomever is making policy decisions for WNEP and its website, I would strongly encourage them to contemplate either allowing the public to leave comments on their site, or to dismantle the option, entirely.

    In this country, people are allowed to maintain whatever thoughts and opinions that they might construct, even if those views are unpleasant and seem intolerant. Facts are not always pleasant, nice, or inclusive. Sometimes, facts are mean, hard, and ugly.

    To have a comment section on your news website where people have to log in is enough. But, disappearing EVERY comment that doesn’t somehow fit into a predetermined agenda has a clear and solid definition that I am not going to post, here. Either allow comments, or get rid of the options, entirely. Don’t leave it up to some kid who has an overblown ego and carries a Ess Jay Double-ya membership card. Life ain’t always unicorns and glitter.

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