Get Up-Close with a Timber Rattlesnake

The Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center near Daleville is hosting a family-friendly educational event surrounding one of Pennsylvania’s three venomous snakes.

Organizers say the event is "a chance for people to get up close with a timber rattlesnake and learn the history, characteristics, adaptations, habits, current research, and conservation strategies of this widely misunderstood reptile. "

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey spotlighted the family-friendly educational event. It takes place Wednesday, April 10, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Biologist Dr. Christopher Howey will lead the event. He hopes by the end of this talk, "you will know how to correctly identify this wonderful animal and understand why we need them within the world around us."

The program is open to the public. The fee is $5 per person.

Pre-registration is required by noon Wednesday, April, 10. To sign up, contact Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center at (570) 842-1506 or email

Head here for the event's Facebook page.


Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center
93 MacKenzie Road
Covington Township, Pa. 18444
Directions to LCEEC

Phone: (570) 842-1506
Fax: (570) 842-3192

SUMMER CAMPS FOR KIDS are also offered at the environmental center.  Head here for details.

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