You Call This Spring?

FOREST CITY, Pa. -- Is it really spring? That is what people were wondering Friday in some parts of our area.

After a long winter, sleet and overcast skies put a damper on people who were out and about in Susquehanna and Wayne Counties.

It may be spring, but the cold, wet weather left a little wintry mix on cars in Forest City.

Phillip Wilczeynski had to use an umbrella during his morning walk down Main Street.

"It was completely opposite of when I was a kid it used to be warm in March. We used to have 70-degree weather. Now, it has turned around," Wilczeynski said.

A similar dreary picture could be seen miles away in Honesdale. With the temperatures reading in the low 30s and wet weather, people bundled up and used umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain.

"It is weird because we shouldn't have all this ice and snow coming down. Right now, I'm driving in all-wheel drive when I should not be driving in all-wheel drive; we are in April," said Louis Piccard.

"It is freezing again," complained Maryann Corey. "Yesterday we were cleaning our front sidewalks and getting the winter salt off and now today there is ice coming down. I guess that is spring in Pennsylvania."

Rainy weather like this does not inspire people to shop in downtown Honesdale. That is why business owners hope warmer weather is on the way.

"We are seeing an upward trend but we are waiting for a nice long break of good weather, so the real spring business begins," said Michael Johnson at Sawmill Cycles.

"I know it is going to be a beautiful weekend and I think everyone who lives here knows one day it could be snowing, the next day you are walking in sandals," Corey added.

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