Scranton Prominent in Biden’s Speech as He Mulls Run in 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden isĀ getting closer to a decision on running for president, and his old hometown figures prominently in his decision.

Biden was spotted with a film crew at his childhood home in Scranton on Thursday, causing some to speculate he is getting ready to announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

If he does run for president, some quotes from his speech on Friday made it pretty clear that Scranton will play a pretty big role in his campaign.

  • "You know how they say in a small neighborhood in Scranton, 'You guys brung me to the dance.'"
  • "When I look out at this crowd, I see my old neighborhood in Claymont and Scranton.
  • "My father was white collar. If you listen to Barack, you think he'd come out of a coal mine with a lunch bucket in his hand from Scranton."
  • "Joe Biden from gritty Scranton, they really resent that in Delaware."
  • "My family, way back in the day in Scranton, fought for those things."
  • "When my father left Scranton, when coal died, he was a salesperson in a no-good job, the community was dying."


  • zerotimesthree

    Joe comes here to use us. Pretends to know the area he hasn’t lived in in nearly 70 years. When he talks to a Delaware crowd he chides us as what he came up from.

  • Lisa Marshinski

    It’s something how they always play up Scranton as Joes hometown, yet in an interview he says he left at age 9-10 and doesn’t remember a thing about it.

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