Nay Aug Park in Scranton Closing a Pool, Getting Lighting

SCRANTON, Pa. -- It's hard to imagine that summer is approaching when we've been dealing with snow and sleet for much of the day, but workers were getting the Nay Aug Pool complex ready for the season. They're only opening one of the two pools this summer.

Joanne Davis of Scranton has worked and played at Nay Aug Park since she was a child. She may know better than anyone what's changed here over the years.

"It used to be bumper to bumper, I remember it well. but, it's great to see improvements made all the time," Davis said.

Davis and many neighbors of Nay Aug are encouraged by changes planned for the park this summer.

Workers were at the park's pool complex dropping off chemicals for the upcoming season, but the city will only treat one of the two pools this summer.

The pool with the slides will stay open. The other, which city officials say has been leaking for years, will eventually be filled in.

"On the upside, if there is an upside, they're going to allow free swimming in the other pool one day a week. And we had issues over the last several years of getting lifeguards. Some of the other pools, Connell Park or Weston Park maybe, couldn't be open because we didn't have enough lifeguards. This will free up some lifeguards so those other pools can be open," said Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright.

Mayor Courtright says there are long-term plans to put a splash park over the closed pool.

The city's recreation authority also voted to put handicapped parking spaces next to the Wenzel Treehouse and to make the road that goes past it one way.

The authority also OK'd a $300,000 gift from the park's neighbor Geisinger Community Medical Center to install lighting in part of the park.

"I support them in their decision to do that," Davis said. "I think it'll enhance the area a little bit over there, make it a little safer and for the CMC as well, for the Geisinger."

Others think that Geisinger should be doing more to support Nay Aug since hospital employees use dozens of parking spaces there for free.

"I do think that Geisinger should step up. They are a multi-billion-dollar company and you see all these hospitals, satellite hospitals going up, care places, and there is a big problem here with the parking. I do think Geisinger should step up and do a little more for the community," Thomas Reap said.

The mayor said that the recreation authority which oversees Nay Aug Park is in negotiations with Geisinger to figure out some compensation for the free parking


  • pytorkropotkin

    The pools at Nay Aug were the nicest thing about Scranton. When I was a kid, I was on the swim team there. I still walk my dog around the pools and seeing kids enjoying them makes me happy. Filling in that pool is the worst idea. Geisinger employees use the parking lots in the park for free. I pay to park when I go to work- why shouldn’t Geisinger have to pay to use the park’s lots? Charge them a buck or two a day per spot- still a lot less then I pay in town- and there would be ample money to fix the pool and pay life guards.

  • patlf71

    In this instance both the city and recreation authority are not acting in best interests of it’s citizens. When teenagers can no longer use diving boards to jump into a pool or swim in chest high water along with adults, where do you think they will go to swim? That pool is a treasure and once you pay the local contractor(campaign donor) to fill it in you will never be able to dig it out. If your worried about finances with lifegaurds, chemicals or even law suites that include the diving boards well don’t think your eliminating that chance. Someone will get seriously or fataly injured somewhere in the river and the excuse wil be, well they took the nay aug pool away.

  • savescrantonhistory

    The city should also go after the state employees who got a free lot back after the county gave them the former bus terminal property across from the new transit center. Why shouldn’t the state workers have to pay to park like everybody else who has to work downtown?

  • zerotimesthree

    The fourth interview with Courtright in as many weeks and still no questions about the FBI raid on his home and office. Hire some journalists instead of newsreaders!

  • Shaun Davieson

    With the taxes we pay it’s terrible how Nay Aug has gone down the tubes from the good old days when they had lions, tigers and bears,You could spend the day there. The whole family. Picnic tables, the rides, the coal mine tour, the zoo, the pool..everything! The petting zoo!!! now we have to go out of town to show our kids what a lion or bear looks like. Then they wonder why kids are bored and getting in trouble or fixed to these video games and computers.

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