Power To Save: #Trashtag Cleanup Challenge

SCRANTON, Pa. -- There's a new hashtag challenge sweeping the nation and it promotes greening up the outdoor areas around where you live.

"Taking an after picture, a selfie, with the bags next to you and posting it to social media with the hashtag 'trashtag,'" explained Randy Ryan, the owner of The Kimchi Dude.

If greening things up isn't enough, The Kimchi Dude is offering an added incentive.

"If you go out and you clean up a lot, and you post your before and after pictures, and you hashtag 'kimchi cleanup' and you come into the shop here and you show me your pictures on your phone, 'look, this is me,' I'll give you $5 store credit," Ryan said.

Ryan's business isn't alone. There are about 20 Lackawanna County businesses offering incentives to customers from mid-April through mid-May if they take part in the #trashtag challenge.

"Tiffany Cianci, she owns The Salted Pixie in Archbald, PA. She's the mastermind behind this, organized the whole idea, and as soon as I heard it, I had to jump on board," Ryan added.

With #trashtag, you can be cleaning up any kind of outdoor space. It doesn't have to just be trails. We caught back up with Ryan on Forest Court cleaning up the alleyway.

"What I personally hope is that when we draw new people into the region, we can keep them here. It's a clean environment, it's safe, it's welcoming."

To get involved in the #trashtag challenge yourself, all you need is a phone, a social media account, and a little free time to get your hands dirty to help clean things up.

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