Showing Off Honesdale’s Best to Benefit Cooperage Project

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- Locally owned businesses in Honesdale and surrounding areas are putting on a fashion show this weekend to show off what the community has to offer and to raise money for a nonprofit in Honesdale.

Featuring some of the best of what Honesdale has to offer, the Main Wear Expo is a fashion show fundraiser to benefit the Cooperage Project.

"Our mission is really to highlight all of the different things that people have in common, so whether that be a tabletop day, a board game day, music, learning experiences, or fashion, we want to give people a space to bond, get to know their neighbor around something that they have in common," said Ryanne Jennings of the Cooperage Project.

The third annual fashion show is being presented by Alessandra Iavarone, the owner of the Velvet Maple Lifestyle Shoppe in Honesdale. Organizers say the show is all about supporting other local businesses.

"I can raise my young son and be the mother that I want to be while also funneling the money back into the community which is so important to me," Iavarone said.

Business owners up and down Main Street in Honesdale and surrounding areas are helping out and donating their services for the show.

"We get so many volunteers for this event, and really every event that happens here is a community collaboration," Jennings said.

"It's all about shopping local, conscientious consumerism, all while having a blast with food and drinks and gorgeous models of all ages and sizes, on the stage," said Iavarone.

Because this is an event all about community, the models are from here, like Honesdale High School sophomore Mia Land, who hopes to one day be in the fashion industry.

"I'm so excited to just be a model and strut my stuff, if you know what I mean. I love seeing all of the photographers. It feels like you're really famous," Land said.

The show is this Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in Honesdale. Get your tickets before they sell out here.

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