Is This the Best Coffee in Pennsylvania?

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- As steam swirled from a shot of espresso, the smell of coffee filled the air, and according to one online publication, this is the best coffee in the state.

"We traveled all around the country, and really, all around the world, in coffee shops and talking to roasters, and we weren't as impressed with anyone else as we were with Passenger," said Abby Weaver, owner of Pressed Coffee & Books.

Food and Wine conducted a yearlong search for the best coffee in every state across America. Here in Pennsylvania, it came away most impressed with Passenger Coffee based in Lancaster.

Since opening late last year, Pressed Coffee & Books in Pottsville has been selling Passenger products, so, technically, you can get the best coffee in the commonwealth at the corner of South Second and Mahantongo Streets.

"They roast the coffee in a way that brings out the qualities that the coffee itself has. Rather than roasting it super dark to give it a really roasted flavor, they're just trying to bring out the qualities that the coffee itself has, whether that's chocolatey or citrusy or floral," said Jay Hoerr, GM of Pressed Coffee & Books.

"It's nice around here because everything they've got around here is drive-thru like Sheetz or Dunkin' Donuts or something, so it's nice to be able to come and have fresh, real coffee," said Kendall Jones.

Passenger Coffee sources its coffee all around the world but does the roasting in Lancaster.

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