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World War II Veteran Turns 100

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Surrounded by friends and family, Joe Campagna was celebrated as he turned 100 years old.

This surprise party was here at the Green Ridge Senior Apartments in Scranton, where Joe and his wife are staying temporarily.

"It really was a surprise, I didn`t expect this," said Campagna.

The World war II veteran earned numerous medals fighting for the army over seas.

"Naples and Sicily, we started out in Sicily to Salerno," said Campagna.

But it was this picture taken in Salerno, Italy in September 1943 made Joe a part of history.

The march 27, 1944 cover of Life Magazine shows Joe disembarking the landing craft with his fellow soldiers.

"I didn`t even know it was happening, because we laid on the ground, because they were firing shells over the top of us," said Campagna.

"He is part of what made this country the safe place that we afford today," said his daughter Marisa Litwinsky.

Neighbors of Joe and his wife put up this billboard here on Green Ridge Street a block away from the senior living center so that those who pass it will see the latest milestone the World War II veteran has accomplished.

"My neighbor Joe would be out there at 97, shoveling snow calling me lazy, because I`m not out there shoveling' laughs, said neighbor Brian Raymer.

"I couldn`t wait until he saw if for the first time, because Brian has wanted to get him up on a bill board to begin with just as a neighbor," said his wife Mary Ada Campagna.

So just how is Joe planning to celebrate turning 100 years young?

"I`ll probably go dancing maybe."

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