Line Mountain Eagles Archery Team Earns Trip To Nationals In Kentucky

The set-up alone takes an hour.

Target practice of different variety for the Line Mountain Archery team.

Close to 50 boys and girls grade 7th through 12 are here in Northumberland County setting their sights on Nationals. The Eagles landed three overall individual champions at the recent school's program state championships.

"It's been great for our community and the kids these kids have been coming to school in the morning before school and after school and putting the time in. And it's kind of unique sport and we have a lot of participants as you can see, and it's become very popular in our community, and all the hard work and the accolades that they got this year is because of all the hard work that they put in," said Mike Buriak.

Senior Blake Rickert scored 291 out of 300 from the 10 and 15 meter mark to win the state title.

"It's been great. I kind of didn't expect to go there and get first place out of the tournament. Growing up being that my left eye was dominate so it's just a lot easier for me," said Blake.

Bryson Ebright the other Line Mountain senior won the state title in the 3D challenge, and 7th grader Wyatt Malacusky took gold in the junior high division.

"It all started when I was growing up and I started hunting and I got a good feel for the bow, and just kind of gained my interest from there," said Bryson.

"Shooting was tough. There was a lot of tough scores. I just kind of played the game how it always goes. Why do you like doing this? Because it's just my personality. I loved shooting since I was just a baby, and it's just in my blood I guess," said Wyatt.

Last year Coach Buriak only took one archer to Nationals. This year along with two coaches he will take 41 archers from the middle school and high school programs here at Line Mountain out to Louisville, Kentucky in May.

"The community has really rallied around us, and we have a lot of business supporting us, and we have donations coming in. It's not about winning when you get to Kentucky in my opinion. It's about the experience, and some of these kids will get to go all the way to Kentucky and see kids from all across the country that do the same thing that they do," added Mike.

"We're going to Nationals," said the Line Mountain Archery Team.

Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Northumberland County.

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