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Courthouse Square Sculpture to Be Restored, Relocated

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- A sculpture that's been a part of downtown Scranton's Courthouse Square will soon be on the move.

Lackawanna County officials are opting to move the sculpture to a new location for the public's safety, and also to restore the work of art to its former glory.

The sharp edges of the sculpture called "Red Wing" have been a concern.

Now, Lackawanna County Commissioners plan to move Red Wing from its spot along Spruce Street. The move and a restoration of the sculpture are expected to cost $48,000.

Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Deputy Director Maureen McGuigan told Newswatch 16 she understands why some might scoff at that price tag, but the amount of the bid was expected.

"It's a huge sculpture, and it was actually the lowest [bid], the highest was three times as high. And it's a local firm, so it's economic development. There will be other people involved," McGuigan said.

The sculpture will be moved to the Everhart Museum in Nay Aug Park in Scranton. County officials say here it will be a little less out of the way and maybe a little bit more appreciated.

"We think more people will be able to see it and enjoy, it kind of gets lost here on the square," McGuigan added.

"Red Wing" was created by late Lackawanna County artist Hope Cumming Horn. Before it's moved to the Everhart, another local artist, Brian Murray, will restore and repaint the sculpture.

"It's our heritage. Hope lived here. She worked here. She taught many people. She has several pieces in the area. So, now we have a local artist who is living and working and thriving here who will restore it. That's a really nice connection," McGuigan said.

The artist doing the restoration expects Red Wing will be ready for its new home later this year.


  • djlunatic2

    Goes to show how that county wastes money — That is why property taxes are so high. When was the last time someone was injured by that monument? But yet these stupid residents keep re-electing the same #yambags into office.

  • savescrantonhistory

    If these county types want it moved and restored, let THEM pay for it. Taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill for moving that ugly monstrosity. I’m sure some artsy types would gladly contribute to a GoFundMe to do so. I wonder whose uncle, cousin, brother or son needed $48k to ‘restore’ this thing. It’s like the $500k sidewalk replacement project around courthouse square. Somebodies relative is likely gonna get a good chunk of that money too.

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