Barcarola Is Back To Break More Track And Field Records At Western Wayne

No hurdle is too high for Western Wayne junior Trina Barcarola. 44.87 is the school record time in the 300 hurdles. She grabbed that last year at states placing 4th. Barcarola also holds the school record in the pole vault 11 feet 7 1/4 inches, and she's not done with school records. The 4 x 400 team posted a 4:00 minute mark last year. Barcarola part of that team accomplishment.

"So continuing to work hard, and focusing on the betterment of my team,and just really just focusing is really just the goal here," said Trina.

Justin Collins is the brains of the operation for the winning Wildcats. He's been blessed with tremendous athletes here in Wayne County over the last 15 years.

"She is a special kid and she wanted to try to see what she was going to be best at, and fortunately she was good at a bunch of different specialties here especially the technical events. So we are blessed and she works really hard," said Justin.

Trina has a lot of personal goals she would like to achieve this season, but the one that she probably wants the most is that team title. The Lady Wildcats are looking for their 3rd District II AA team title in a row.

"Our team goal is to just clinch that district win again for the 3rd year in a row, and I just hope that we are all working together and we can get that accomplished again," added Trina.

"Our hopes are that she is able to stay healthy and get to the state championships healthy, but she has an opportunity to really challenge for the state championship in the pole vault and finish really high in the 300 hurdles too," added Justin.

Coming off a solid indoor season this winter,  Barcarola back at it this spring with chances to break many more records. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports WNEP from Wayne County.

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