Taking the Kitchen on the Road

NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- At the Schuylkill Technology Center near Pottsville, culinary students take pride in whipping up delicious dishes in the kitchen.

And soon, these aspiring chefs could have another place where they put their skills to the test.

The school in Norwegian Township recently purchased a retired Tastykake truck from the Williamsport area for a mere $3,000. The plan is to convert it into a food truck.

"The general public doesn't necessarily know what we do here. They're going to be able to see, 'Hey, these guys actually built this truck from scratch. They took it apart. They made something that wasn't a food truck into a food truck,'" said instructor Jesse Krasnitsky.

"The goal is to finish the project, being the first school in the nation to build our own food truck with 100 percent student involvement. We're going to take it out to community events, like Red Cross events, Spartan games, to be able to give back to the community," said culinary instructor Jim Gurcsik.

STC offers 21 programs, 14 of which will contribute in some way to the transformation process.

"It's going to be really cool just to show it off to so many people and in the future, I can say 'I worked on that,'" said student Jayden Rios.

"We don't get to work on projects like this around here, so I feel students who do get to work on it should take advantage of it," student Bailee Nauyalis added.

STC is looking to finish the food truck by the end of next school year. The school is also looking to raise $100,000 through fundraising. Get more information on the fundraising here.

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