Price Jumps At The Pumps

GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Gas prices across the country are spiking.

According to AAA, the national average jumped 8 cents a gallon this week.

"It's terrible. It's, I don't know, every time I look, it's higher," said Robert Bartolomei of Old Forge, who drives more than 20miles each day one way for work.

In Pennsylvania, the price hike plus the gas tax has some seeing red.

"I think the gas tax in Pennsylvania is ridiculous. It's the highest in the country. They kill people and the roads are still terrible," said Bernie Brown of White Haven.

Why the jump at the pumps? According to industry officials, there is an increase each spring although this year's increase is higher than years past.

They said this is the time of year that refineries focus on maintenance and gearing up for the busy summer travel season.

"This turnover from winter to summer is a crock. I'm sorry but that's what I feel and I think the oil companies are excessive charging because they make more money that way," said Herb Maxson of Ephrata.

You can go to our WNEP Gas Tracker to find the lowest prices where you are.

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