Latest Fire Ignites Fears in Ashland

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ASHLAND, Pa. -- State police continue to investigate a fire that ripped through five buildings in Ashland Sunday.

The fire on Centre Street destroyed M & M Sandwich Shop, leaving nearly 10 people homeless.

Several firefighters suffered minor injuries fighting the fire.

"Scary. We live just right up the block and you could see it from our house," said Tiffany Gregory of Ashland.

"It was scary because of how quick the houses go up," said Joey Hanzok of Ashland.

Just last month, flames ripped through six row homes on Brock Street in Ashland, leaving 20 people without homes.

"Our truck, which is American Hose Company, he got their first and I got their first and when we got there, the whole first floor of all four buildings were totally involved. I don't know what's going on, but it's two big fires. And this one here like I said, basically the same all rowhouses," said Robert Moser, a volunteer firefighter.

People living in the borough said with so many rowhomes they constantly worry about fires starting and spreading.

"A lot of people are elderly people and they can't get out and then when there's a fire, basically, you have to help a lot of people and try to get them out. I mean it's unfortunate there were two big fires in Ashland, but the thankful thing is no one got hurt," said Russell White of Butler Township who owns one of the damaged buildings on Centre Street.

The damaged buildings on Centre Street are expected to be torn down sometime this week.

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