Susquehanna Saber State Champion In Archery

Confident and calm. That is a good way to describe Kaylee Landry the Susquehanna Community High-school senior. Her score of 296-#1 in the state at the recent National Archery School's Program State Championships at Penn State.

"As you can see it's a little bit high but it's in the 10's so you don't want to mess with a good thing. My first round at 10 was a 49 and then a 50 another 49 and then I moved back to 15 meter and I forget what my practice round was but I shot two 50's and a 48, and at the end of my round I knew that was the best round that I ever shot," said Kaylee.

Landry's aim perfect back in March. For her efforts a $2,000 check, trophies and a new bow. The community if buzzing with excitement.

"It's actually still kind of surreal that it actually happened. I knew that she was on fire leading up to the competition. She came up with some of her highest scores to qualify for it but once she was starting in she was coming back smiling-comfortable," said John Ord.

At states Kaylee had three rounds of five shots each from 10 meters. Then she moved back to the 15 meter mark where she had another three rounds of five shots each for a total of 30 shots where she put up a total of 296 out of 300 points.

"You have to have a lot of focus and it's basically 99 percent mental," again said Kaylee.

Her ranking in the high-school girl's division first out of 198 and first overall for boy's and girl's out of 426.

"Kaylee is an unbelievable strong person. I knew that she had the hunger for this all along. If I can keep up with her I'm along for the ride too," again said John.

Nationals are in May in Louisville, Kentucky and the Saber senior hopes to put on a show.

Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Susquehanna County.

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