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Injured Dog Found Tied to Bench at Animal Shelter

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An injured dog is recovering at an animal shelter in the Poconos after he was found tied to a bench.

Tyson, as he's being called by staff at Camp Papillon Animal Shelter near Snydersville, was found tied to a bench at the front of the facility.

"It's not just a dog that's tied. He had a very impressive, a very large head wound, so not only were we dealing with a dog that was abandoned, but also a dog that was seriously, seriously injured," said Maria Zarate, Camp Papillon Animal Shelter.

Tyson was found with a gash on his head and a bag of beef jerky by his side. The 1-year-old pit bull was taken to a nearby animal hospital.

Veterinarians believe the dog was hit with something, but they could not determine what was used to cause the injury.

"You could tell that he was in distress. He was shivering, very nervous, crying and barking. It's a very sad situation," said Zarate.

There are security cameras around the facility, and managers hope that video footage will help lead them to whoever left the dog.

Tyson is recovering and getting lots of love and treats at Camp Papillon.

Staff members say he's very calm, despite what he's been through.

"Though he was very scared and seriously injured, he did let us handle him, and that was very impressive," said Zarate.

Camp members want to stress that this is not how anyone should leave an animal.

Anyone with information on Tyson should contact directors at Camp Papillon Animal Shelter.

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