Woman Accused of Poisoning Cats Sentenced

TAYLOR, Pa. -- A landlord accused of poisoning cats in Lackawanna County has learned her punishment.

Jennifer Oustrich had been charged with a felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals for allegedly mixing pet food with rat poison and leaving it along the fence of her rental property in Taylor.

Last week, Oustrich was sentenced to an ARD program, and her charges could be expunged when she completes the program.


  • 🇺🇸 The Conservative 🇺🇸 (@USArmyVETERAN_)

    That’s fine if you don’t like cats. But you’re a dysfunctional human being if you don’t value life for every living creature on this planet. I think the cats would side with me regarding this issue. You behave like a miserable person with no life who lashes out at others just to make yourself feel better. Get some help pal and try to ease up on all your hate.

    • jsrant

      I never said what she did was right nor did I say it is ok to kill any animal. What I said was, if people would stop letting their cats roam freely without being fixed neighborhoods wouldn’t have a feral cat problem. Just one litter out in the wild can produce and reproduce a large quantity. Army vet thanks for your service.

  • savescrantonhistory

    What happened to throwing the book at animal cruelty defendants? Libre’s Law ring a bell? I’d say what she did constitutes abuse. So why should her offense potentially get wiped from her record? If anything I say that anytime she goes out in public somebody with a bullhorn gets to walk behind her and let everybody know what a fine human being she is.

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