Winner of Largest Cash 5 Jackpot Gets Big Payday

BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The winner of a historic lottery jackpot was presented with a big check Tuesday afternoon in Columbia County.

Newswatch 16 was there as the power plant worker recounted his story of hitting it big and what he plans to do next.

Luther Coleman says he plays the lottery every day at the Sheetz near Berwick before heading to work. After finding out he had a winning Cash 5 ticket, Coleman triple-checked the numbers and now plans to take care of his family with the winnings.

You could see that smile on Luther Coleman's face as he stood with a giant check inside the Sheetz near Berwick. And how could you hide it? Especially after winning the largest Cash 5 jackpot in Pennsylvania. The prize is nearly $2.5 million.

"It feels good to be able to know that you are going to be able to purchase. My wife has always been looking forward to going to a new house and stuff," said Coleman.

The worker at the power plant near Berwick was about ready to retire, so he plays the lottery at Sheetz every day before work.

Coleman, 63, bought the winning ticket after buying a couple items that left him with $1 in change. He bought it on a weekday but didn't realize he won until the weekend. Still in disbelief, he would have to wait until the next week to claim his prize.

"I am looking down at it and it says $2,488,733 and I am thinking, 'Man, I can't even count that high,' and I pull in thinking, 'Is this candid camera? What is going on here?'"

This historic jackpot has inspired others to try their hand at winning the lottery.

"I plan to go out to my local places more and maybe get a scratcher. I brought two with my lunch and hopefully become a big winner," Trevor Houseweart said.

Despite winning a historic prize, Coleman says that isn't going to stop him from going for more.

"When I go out of here, before I go out the door, I am going to play the Quick Pick," he said.

Coleman plans to use his winnings to buy a house closer to his family in western Pennsylvania.

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