Women Charged with Drug Delivery Resulting in Death

HONESDALE, Pa. -- Two people in Wayne County are now charged with a drug delivery resulting in death.

Lindsay Daddio, 29, and Alexondra Devivo, 25, both of Stroudsburg, were arrested by state police Monday.

According to the Wayne County District Attorney's Office, the two provided fentanyl-laced heroin to Victoria Bachmann, 24, of Cherry Ridge Township, late last year. Bachmann died of a drug overdose.

"The parents and family of these people who are dying, they want justice, and the state police and the Wayne County District Attorney's Office are going to do our very best to give them justice," said Wayne County District Attorney Pat Robinson.

Daddio and Devivo are locked up in Wayne County.


  • 미아칼라

    Are the parents going to be charged too for negligence or raising their kid to be an addict? somewhere they are just as guilty

  • Joyce Mathews

    if these people werent on drugs in the first place, they would still be here , families cry after they overdose , but did they try to help them , the drug addict is responsible for there own demise, families blame your son or daughter, for taking drugs not anyone else, they know what bad drugs are going around , so they choose there own future

    • straubdavid9

      Yes ….. that is certainly the other side of the equation. Nobody can sell a single thing without there being a demand for it.

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