Talkback 16: Dog Hit and Killed, Smoking Age, St. Patrick’s Day

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the search for a driver that hit a dog and kept going, a proposal to raise the smoking age, St. Patrick's Day, dead fish, and the backyard train.


  • Warren-Robin Kramer

    In response for the people picking up garbage. The people on welfare and food stamps should be doing that and other things in the community while their children are in school and daycare. Let our tax dollars do good.

  • Warren-Robin Kramer

    As for smoking in jails and worrying about riots for not letting them smoke.. People go to jail from selling/doing drugs and detox being in jail. so they can quit smoking. If they don’t want to quit they should follow the law and not go there. There are way to many privileges in jails. Make them so people think twice about getting sent there

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