Geisinger CEO Makes House Call

POINT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Members of the Geisinger Health System made house calls Monday afternoon in central Pennsylvania.

Every month, Geisinger leaders go around to patients in their hospitals to get feedback so they can work to improve their care.

Geisinger also wants to get feedback about their at-home services, so they made some house calls on Monday.

Ruth Miller knew Geisinger employees were dropping by to say hello, but she didn't expect to see the CEO of the health care system Jaewon Ryu and chief pharmacy officer Mike Evans at her front door.

The leaders at Geisinger stopped by to hand-deliver miller a package of medication through Geisinger CareSite mail-order pharmacy.

She was chosen for this home visit because of the nature of her treatment and medical needs.

Miller has been a patient with Geisinger for about 40 years, and she recently started using the at-home delivery service.

"Going to Danville can be a hassle," Miller said.

While members of the leadership team dropped off medication, the main point of this visit is to get raw feedback so Geisinger can improve its services.

"I think that's the way that you get better and that's the way you know your compass is pointed in the true north is you get the feedback from the people you directly serve, and for us, that's our patients. It's our communities," said CEO Jaewon Ryu.

Leaders at Geisinger hope to continue making house calls and maybe even drop off medications personally from time to time in the future.

"She mentioned when we went into our pharmacy that was an opportunity for her to learn about this, but we kind of missed that opportunity. I think that's what we talk about and make sure we tighten up on what we do," said Ryu.

If patients would like to give Geisinger feedback, they can call a patient advocate at 570-271-8881 or email

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