Firefighters Take on Training Courses in Lycoming County

HUGHESVILLE, Pa. -- Hundreds of firefighters got some hands-on training this weekend in Lycoming County.

The annual spring Muncy Area Mutual Aid training drew an estimated 600 student firefighters from across the state to the Hughesville area on Saturday and Sunday.

Trainees started at Hughesville High School to get basic skills then moved to the Muncy Area Mutual Aid training grounds for more advanced courses.

"They need to realize they got to continue their training. This is the beginning. The class behind us is the intro class, it's 16 hours. The next one they move onto is a little more advanced training, and they got to continue to train because everything changes daily," explained Matthew Hatrak, Bucks County Community College Director of State Training.

There were nearly 30 courses offered in this year's training curriculum.

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