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Drug Ring Broken by ‘Operation Save Milton’

MILTON, Pa. --  Police arrested 22 people for dealing cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl in Northumberland, Union, and Dauphin Counties. Nearly $1 million worth of drugs are off the streets in central Pennsylvania.

It's called "Operation Save Milton" and authorities started investigating the alleged drug distribution ring in late 2016.

Officials confiscated almost 50 pounds of cocaine, plus heroin and fentanyl.

More than 160 law enforcement officers were in Milton Thursday, arresting nearly two dozen people.

"Investigators learned that large shipments of cocaine were being sent from Puerto Rico to the Milton and Lewisburg area," said U.S. Attorney David Freed.

Authorities started investigating the alleged drug ring in late 2016 after a spike in overdose deaths and drug trafficking. Investigators confiscated nearly $1 million worth of drugs almost 50 pounds of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl.

"These weights are hugely significant because they're broken down and turned into thousands and thousands of units of these drugs," said Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz.

Frank Rodriguez is a barber in Milton. His shop is located near Broadway Apartments where investigators say the drug operations were based.

"I'd see the traffic in and out, and it's frustrating. You get tired of it and you don't want anybody to be subjected to that," said Rodriguez.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a drug counselor at White Deer Run near Lewisburg. He believes that the drug bust will help Milton's problem for a while, but once people realize there is a market for drugs here, they will move back in.

Authorities say if that's the case they will just keep fighting.

"That sends a message to these drug dealers that you're not going to come into our rural community and set up shop here and run an operation that destroys communities," Matulewicz said.


  • fortisveritas

    No demand, no supply. You might have taken some of it off the streets, but people are still looking for it. Fix peoples hearts and minds and they don’t need or want drugs.

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