Power To Save: Something Old Into Something New

PITTSTON, Pa. -- Have some old silverware or a tea set that's collecting dust in your attic? That dusty stuff can be upcycled into something brand new.

Some wind chimes carry the sound of a new beginning for a teapot and many other items at Fly Me home In Pittston. The transformation from old to new is done through upcycling.

"The general definition is taking something with little or no value and making it valuable again," said Fly Me Home owner Sue Guzik. "Recycling is great but upcycling it has its own benefits because it doesn't involve the energy that you need to recycle something."

Sue and her husband Dave started upcycling as an inexpensive way to decorate their own home. Sue turned that into a business.

"My husband did say that the only way I could do it is if I could work while I'm here."

Their workshop studio on Parsonage Street is filled with mixed-media home decor and silverware jewelry.

"Fork tine rings, they're made of the tines," Sue said. "We don't waste anything."

You don't have to buy something off the store shelf. You can bring in some of your own items to be upcycled as well.

"You can bring us your own silverware and he can make bracelets, rings, whatever you would like," Guzik said. "If someone breaks a coffee cup or a teacup that belonged to their mother, they'll bring it to me and I can make it into a mosaic and that means a lot to me."

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