Pi Day Pie Throwing in Luzerne County

HAZLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Maple Manor Elementary Middle School celebrated Pi Day with pie throwing.

They said the best thing you can put in a pie, is your face. Teachers at Maple Manor Elementary/Middle School took that expression quite literally.

"Every student is excited to see their teacher pied in the face, but it is a great fundraiser as well," student Anthony Concepcion said.

The teachers at the school near Hazleton volunteered to have pies thrown at their faces for two purposes: to teach their students about Pi Day and to raise money.

Math teacher Lizzy Pcolinsky was one of the teachers to get pied.

"We're fundraising for field trips and different events that go on at the school. Just a big event to have fun with the kids," Pcolinsky said.

Students could buy raffle tickets during lunch. They put the raffle tickets in buckets to vote for which teacher they wanted to see pied. Some of the buckets have a few tickets, while some have a lot.

"I do know that one of my students did put $30 just alone for me, so she really wants me to get pied," Pcolinsky said.

In addition to the pie throwing, the students also participated in a pie-eating contest.

The school has not finished tallying how much money the students raised yet, but the students and teachers say the whole experience was priceless.

"We're super excited for the kids," Pcolinsky said. "We just like to have a good time with them, get them out of the classroom a little bit. Show the positives of what's going on in the schools because that doesn't always happen so we're just excited to get everybody together and have a great time."

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