‘Stepping Up’ to Feed the Hungry

FOREST CITY, Pa. -- Some small steps made by kids in Susquehanna County are making some big impacts across the globe.

Students in Forest City are trying to feed the hungry while staying active in school.

Tiny feet roam the hallways of Forest City Regional Elementary School, with each student and each step making strides toward helping families in third-world countries.

Teacher Krista Tully opened a box of new fitness bands called Power Bands, ready to turn them over to students to keep track of their steps.

For each 25,000 steps, UNICEF donates a package of food to a needy family.

"They recognize I'm getting this many steps, come to me at the end of the day, 'How many packs did we get?' As of yesterday, we're up to donating 73 packs of food," Tully said.

Lillian Bronson, a sixth grader, showed off her new Power Band, a device more and more third through sixth graders are using to battle hunger around the world.

"It makes me feel like I'm helping out the community in giving back just for walking."

Those students have a deadline of April 5 to raise a few more thousand dollars for those Power Bands and reaching out to the community with flyers all over, asking for donations to pay for those fitness trackers so they can pay it forward.

3rd Grade - Mrs. Shelp


5th Grade - Mr. Pryal


6th Grade - Mrs. Tully


"If you exercise more, it encourages kids to exercise more so they can help feed a family," said fourth grader Brianna Non.

"I feel very happy for giving these families food so they can have stuff we have that they don't," said third grader Sophia Lombardi.

"I think it would be a nice way to help out because I love helping out, and it'd be nice to get more active, too," said fifth grader Aaliyah Mead.

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