Gas Station Owner Warns Customers about Skimming Device

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A gas station owner in the Poconos found a skimming device in one of his gas pumps.

The owner of Quick Stop Sunoco near Marshalls Creek says that device was discovered after a few of his customers reported their cards were skimmed at the station.

The owner says he started getting reports from customers last week and it took a few different resources to find the skimming device. The owner has now installed new safety devices to ensure the crooks don't hit his business again.

"It was on one of our dispensers. The reason it was so hard to find is because the crooks have really upped their game. It was a sophisticated one. It looked like a part of the machine. It looked like it belonged there. It wasn't crude, obvious. It was a really sophisticated device," said owner George Strunk.

After members of the dispenser service company found the device, Strunk took to Facebook to warn his customers.

Johnny Bradford lives in the township and often uses his card at the gas station. He was grateful for the heads up.

"I really appreciate that he took this approach. We pay enough for gas and then to have your card skimmed and people using it and so I am glad that he took this approach," Bradford said.

The owner tells Newswatch 16 he's taken a number of different safety precautions, including installing tamper tape. He checks each pump multiple times a day.

Each piece of tamper tape has a special number and if any crooks try to replace it, the owner will be able to figure it out.

"I care about my customers. I see a lot of them every day. I thought I needed to step up and do what I could to protect them. That's why we put the tamper tape on and we check it twice daily," Strunk said.

Strunk says he also contacted state police to report the skimming.

He's also encouraging people to alert employees if you think any of the tamper tape has been disrupted.

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