Young Violinist’s Hard Work Pays Off

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- A young violinist from Lycoming County was chosen to perform with a group of world-class musicians who will be touring in Europe this summer.

At 15 years old, Michael Fisher has already spent years performing as a violinist. He discovered his passion for music at a young age.

"My dad was showing me his favorite band at the time, which was Dave Matthews Band. He was showing me the drummer like, 'Dude, look how cool this was,' and I was just 3 sitting on the couch and all I could see was Boyd Tinsley, the electric violinist, and I pointed at the TV and I said, 'I want to do that,'" he recalled.

The Williamsport Area High School student found out it takes more than just wanting to do something. To hone his skill, he had to practice a lot.

"A lot of monotonous work that was very painful at the time, but I mean obviously it very much so paid off in the end," Fisher said.

Out of thousands of applicants, about 100 musicians from across the nation have recently been chosen to perform with Carnegie Hall's National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America.

Fisher is one of three picked from Pennsylvania.

"When I opened that, like I said, I bawled my eyes out. I did not expect it," Fisher said.

"It's such a joy to watch somebody who has talent but then backs it up with really hard work," said Williamsport Area orchestra director Matthew Radspinner.

Fisher will head to New York this summer where he will train with some of the nation's best musicians. He'll also get to perform at Carnegie Hall.

"From there, we'll spend 10 days or something like that over in Europe touring through Germany, England, and the Netherlands. That's the best part," Fisher said.

Not only will Fisher be able to perform around the globe and meet world-class musicians, but he'll be doing it all for free.

"It truly is the highest achievement you can have as a classical musician as a student in the United States," Radspinner said.

"The aspect of it that I love so much is that I get a taste of what my life could become," Fisher said. "When you get to see a little glimpse of what could be, you just want to work harder and harder to get to it."

Fisher will begin rehearsing with the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America in New York this June.


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