Springlike Weather in Snyder County

SELINSGROVE, Pa. -- It was a busy day at a car wash in Selinsgrove as a line of vehicles formed. Everyone seemed to have the same idea as Lynne Roush of Middleburg.

"I wanted to get all the salt and stuff off of it," Roush said.

It was a nice day to go to the car wash. Mild temperatures and sunshine brought people outside. People took advantage of the nicer weather and spent some time outdoors.

"The sun is out. It's been cloudy for so long, and it's nice. There's a breeze, but it's not cold. The birds are out, and it's just an all around great day to be out," Mike Johnston said.

Todd Schreffler is relieved to see the mild temps. It makes his job more enjoyable.

"A little bit of wind, but the mail's gotta go. I'm down to one layer now instead of three," Schreffler said.

"Spring ahead is always hard. We're all kinda miserable from that, but this kind-of mitigates that a bit," Pat Long said.

People we spoke with hope this means winter weather is coming to an end.

"Cross my fingers. I'm tired of the snow. The snow is just too much," Roush said.

The first day of spring is next Wednesday, March 20, but not everyone is optimistic that it will feel like spring outside.

"I think there's more misery to come. a little more," Long said.

According to the Stormtarcker 16 forecast, the mild weather is expected to stick around for the rest of the week.

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