Push to Eliminate Daylight Saving Time

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. -- One Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to put an end to Daylight Saving Time, and folks in our area say they agree.

That state lawmaker from Lebanon County is looking for other lawmakers to join him in a bill to eliminate Daylight Saving Time. He wants standard time all the time.

"I feel like it's not like it's not possible for him to make that happen," said Judy Shilling of Dallas. "I feel like he will have people on his side. I just feel like that's crazy after how many years."

Russ Diamond is a Republican lawmaker from Lebanon County in central Pennsylvania. Diamond wants to eliminate Daylight Saving Time because of research that shows an increase in heart attacks, car crashes, and work-related injuries during the two weeks after we "spring forward."

"It doesn't surprise me any because of the whole change in your body. You have to change the way your body ticks and you have to get used to a certain schedule, and it just throws everything off," Lisa Davis said.

Other folks in our area agree.

"When it was started, OK, it made sense because they needed the daylight to harvest the crops and all of that, but it's pointless for most of us now," said Alicia Murphy.

"I would rather if we did do away with it because I just don't, I can't, it's not right," laughed Lisa Davis.

The owner of Ye Olde Clock and Gift Shoppe tells Newswatch 16 it takes him a few days to adjust all the clocks inside, but parents we talked to said that's nothing compared to the weeks it takes their children to adjust.

"It gets to the point where you're trying to put them to bed and it's still light out. It's like, 'Mom, why?'" said Murphy.

"Brighter when you get up in the morning, but I still think you know to adjust for your body adjustment. It's just not fair to the body," Davis said.

Rep. Diamond is still looking for other lawmakers to sign on to his legislation. People we talked with hope he's successful.


  • Jeff _

    Russ Diamond is going the wrong direction with this. Daylight Savings Time has already been extended twice since the ’80s, and there’s a Federally sponsored bill to to eliminate Standard Time altogether.

  • Tony Shire

    Why not replace standard time with daylight saving time year round? Make more sense and gives more daylight in the evening to enjoy outdoor activities with light. Good for businesses and family time. What say you?

    • Steve Rolley

      I look forward to Daylight Savings Time! It’s light enough in the morning for the school children at this time of year. Go to bed an hour earlier at the onset of DST, and you won’t miss an hour’s sleep!

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