Man Wanted for Attempted Homicide After Stabbing in Berwick

BERWICK, Pa. -- Police are still searching for a man wanted on attempted homicide charges in Columbia County.

Officers in Berwick say Bryan Arriaga-Soto, 24, stabbed Xavier Class at least eight times late Friday night.

Jan Watts showed us where the bloody fight took place on West Second Street outside J.J.'s, the bar he manages in Berwick. Employees are still shaken up after witnessing it.

"Traumatic, very traumatic, scary for them. They don't like this stuff. We're not here to have those kinds of things. We're here for people to enjoy themselves," Watts said.

Surveillance video shows Arriaga-Soto inside the bar before the fight took place on the street. Neighbors say they saw the aftermath the next morning.

"I was going out for a run, and I noticed a big pile of blood in the parking lot," George Brown of Berwick. "Disappointed to think that people can't just have a regular fist-to-fist fight and then call it a day at that. That they had to escalate it to that level."

"Things were totally different. You were able to go out, have a drink with your friends, and not worry about any kind of violence," said Anthony Cerasoli of Berwick.

After the stabbing, police say Ariaga-Soto ran about a mile away to a friend's house to wash his wounds, and after that he went on the run.

"We really hope he gets caught. If he is found guilty, he should pay the price. This poor victim, regardless of the situation, nobody deserves that," said Watts.

Police say Xavier Class's condition has improved since Friday night, but he remains in critical condition.

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