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Hoping This Was the Last Blast of Winter

TEXAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- As we inch closer and closer to spring, people are hoping to leave winter behind. A wintry mix overnight left some cleanup work in Wayne County.

Some people we spoke with hope this wintry mix is the last one.

From the young to the elderly, people spent their morning digging out. For Sage Questore of Texas Township, early morning snow in her yard meant it was time to take out the snow plow.

Questore joined the rest of her family clearing snow from their around their home near Honesdale.

"We usually just go around there in the driveway until rocks fly," Questore said.

"I like the snow, but I think this will be the last one though. It is warm out, so we get to spend some time out of the house," said Dawn Arnold of Texas Township.

It was a different scene just a couple miles down the road. We spotted Gloria Hattler shoveling snow by herself, so we decided to give her a hand.

"Well, I thought I wasn't going to get any help because my grandson was working, so I came out to work at it, and I have been doing so for 63 years," Hattler said.

Hattler hopes winter blasts like this end soon but can't count on it.

"We had them very high in April, so I am just hoping we do not have them high this year. It was so high in April that you could not see the front door," Hattler said.

With shovels in hand, people spent time clearing what was left of the wintry mix in Honesdale.

"I hope so, but it is probably not. We can get another foot any day, and it will be gone in the next couple of days. That is the good thing about March. It is here today and gone tomorrow," said Harry Devrieze of Honesdale.

Most of the snow in Wayne County is expected to melt as the week ahead looks to be much warmer than all winter.

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