Fourth-grader Sparks Monkey Movement

HUGHESVILLE, Pa. -- A young girl from Lycoming County is hoping you can help make her birthday wish come true.

The 9 year old from Hughesville is raising support so she can buy stuffed toy monkeys for sick children in the hospital.

Each stuffed toy monkey has a name and a story to go along with it. Ask fourth-grader Aly Creasy from Hughesville, she'll fill you in.

"This one is Sherbert, Jack, Snowflake, Beni, Kaitlyn, and Anthony," said Creasy.

Her first stuffed animal was Jack.

"Two years ago when I was in the emergency room, my Nana gave him to me," Creasy said.

Creasy admits she was scared in the hospital, but she had her family, and now, her stuffed animal Jack by her side.

"I hugged him a lot."

Because Jack was such a comfort to her in the hospital, she is now raising support to buy monkeys for other children at Geisinger Hospital.

"She's got a big heart and a little body," said Aly's mom, Kristy.

Kristy Creasy tells Newswatch 16 instead of celebrating her daughter's 10th birthday with presents and a party, her daughter wants to give back and is now asking for help to make that birthday wish come true.

"We said we want to do a monkey movement, and it just quickly became a thing," said Kristy.

Creasy reached out to a business in Texas that makes toy monkeys. With support from family and now new friends from around the country, Aly has raised enough money to buy over 50 toy monkeys.

"It was awesome to see the love out there, to see her as a 9 year old going on 10 willing to spread that. She wants to be a change, which is cool to watch," Kristy said.

Aly hopes to donate the stuffed toy monkeys to Geisinger near Danville on April 1, her 10th birthday.

Aly has a GoFundMe set up for anyone who would like to donate.

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