Students Want School to Do More to Stop Bullying After Two Recent Suicides

MIDDLEBURG, Pa. -- Students in part of Snyder County want something done about bullying after two suicides within the last two weeks.

The students who took their own lives went to Midd-West High School in Middleburg.

Some of their classmates held a protest earlier this week to express concerns about bullying.

They think the school isn't doing enough to stop it.

Rick Musselman, the Midd-West School District Superintendent, tells us the district is being pro-active and looking for ways to change the behavior of students.

"I know sometimes parents say that the school does nothing. Honestly, we are investigating every single incident that comes through our doors," says Musselman.

Some students at Midd-West have expressed interest in meeting after school to discuss ways to combat bullying.

The district has agreed to give them a safe place to meet on school property.


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